Thursday, May 26, 2011

Right Kind of Guy

Every girl thinks, dreams and wishes for the right kind of guy, 
 The one that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you sigh.

We all want the same things: love, support, and a family.
Some girls make mistakes in choosing, that we see very plainly.

They think they've found the one for them,
But then he walks away when they say they can't live without him.

We want someone strong, kind, and someone gentle,
Someone who won't leave when we get a little sentimental.

We want to be cherished, wanted, and cared for,
And not our bodies the only thing they want more.

The right kind of guy will love us with all of his heart.
He will follow our wedding vows "until death do us part."

I will love forever, this right kind of guy.
I will wait and live for him until I die.

So dear Jesus, can I ask of you this one thing?
Could you send me a pure man that can make my heart sing?

One who will honor You above all else,
And who will love me and no one else?

I thank You, Lord, for all those girls,
Who are already beautiful, treasured pearls

They have found their right kind of guy,
And now may I ask, can I have mine?


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