Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Choice

Loving this man so much it hurts
Wondering when it will take a turn for the worst.
 Knowing he doesn't love You like I do
Just maybe I can forget him and find peace in You.
Trying my best not to give in to the feelings he brought
I can't help but feel like it's hopeless, my soul feels caught.

 Yet there he lingers in my thoughts
I wish it was You that he too sought.
I'm so confused, trapped between what's right in my soul and in my heart
My feelings are torn between the One for my soul or the man for my heart
One will satisfy my emotional feelings
but not be able to touch my inner-most being.
The Other will be my entire past, present and future
But which will define me and be my life's adventure?
Tears streaming, I feel myself stepping towards the man,
I can hear my soul screaming that I am failing the One for who I stand. 
I want so absolutely and entirely each to please
But I can't pick both if I want to live in eternal peace.
Because forever it will torment the depths of my soul
Sitting deep inside me burning like fiery coals.

I know it's a sin to be unequally yoked
But my fear for a love lost seems to have me choked
In my hear I know what is right
And I know the decision will take all my might.
I must decide for myself which one I need more
Which one will make me happy and like none before.

God, give me the strength to step out and choose
The One who constantly needs to be my muse.
Let me be able to see and feel the satisfaction
Of Jesus, not a man, being my distraction.

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