Monday, February 17, 2014

Chevy on a Farm

This is a commissioned painting I did for someone for their fiance for Valentine's Day.  I haven't painted something like this for about 4 years.  It felt good to finish a painting!!! I wish I could take a year and just paint till my little heart was content!  Oh well. Life gets in the way of that!

Redheaded Mermaid

I have a journal completely dedicated to mermaid-esque drawings. I've posted a few from the journal before, and this is the latest one.  Just a little drawing, nothing elaborate. I had fun coloring the hair with my Prismacolours!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pirate Timeeee

          So, I was out late and I was craving a Mocha Frappe, so I got one even though it was almost 10pm.  Who cares? I ain't old!! lol

          While I was driving home, a really good song came on the radio, which got me pumped up in addition to the coffee, so I knew that when I got home I wasn't gonna be going to bed any time soon, and here I am and its 4 am.  Hey, it's just how I work! If I get pumped up, I'm up for awhile!  ADHD can have its pros.  

          Well anyway, my boyfriends father owns a company that has a pirate as its logo, but the logo  isn't very clear because its just a cheap clipart piece, so I drew him this one to use whilst in hyper mode! (I won't care if he uses it as his logo or not... I'm kinda worried it's probably too fancy... I hope not, but oh well!)



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dog Portrait

I'd never drawn a portrait of an animal before, so these two dog portraits were my first.  I reckon they turned out decent!

A Christmas present

For Christmas, I drew a portrait of my sister and her boyfriend, framed it and gave it to her as a present. 

Here are my WIP (work in process) pics: 

And here is the final portrait:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Birthday Present

         I painted this for my sister for her birthday.  It's super late, but this was the first weekend I actually had time to do anything except homework.  I used oils and it was absolutely fabulous.  There was a few times when I really hated the painting but I remembered I was using oil paint so I just kept painting.  WAYYY easier than acrylics.  It really made me excited to paint more things whereas acrylics usually suck all of my artistic hopes and dreams out with their crappy application. Haha

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Minnie Mouse

I drew Minnie Mouse and I wanted to add sparkle but I didn't have anything to make her sparkly!!!  So I got creative.  I found this body shimmer in my room that has a really pretty flower smell and its super shimmery.  I took the picture and spritzed it with the shimmer and it looks and smells awesome!