Wednesday, August 11, 2010


For a project during my senior year in Painting class, we had to pick a piece of work that was done in the impressionism era.  While everyone else was picking ladies in frilly dress and ballerinas floating across stage, I picked a unique one.  I searched the internet and found "After the Bullfight" an oil painting done by Mary Cassett.  I love her bullfighting series.  They give such a strong air of the Spanish era that they were painted in mind of.
This is the original painting
This is my interpretation of Mary Cassett's original work

As you can see, my guy is a whole lot more stumpier. That may be because I didn't have the same canvas size to match the proportions, or because I just really suck at proportions ;-) Haha. I think I'll go with the first one.

I painted this in with water-based oil paints on an 18x20 stretch canvas.


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