Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fox and the Hound

For my mom's birthday last year, I worked my butt off to get this thing done.  I had asked her what her favorite Disney movie was and she said Lady and the Tramp and Fox and the Hound. I had already given her a pastel of Lady and the Tramp (which I need to redo because it faded really bad), so I decided to draw the latter.  I took the image from our old vhs movie.

This is definitely on my list of favorites of my work.
I did this in one of my sketch books. I used colored pencils. I'm not sure the exact measurements of the paper.  Hopefully, I will get to redo the Lady and the Tramp picture and it will come out as nice as this one.



  1. I really love this one too. Need to get it framed before something happens to it.

  2. Kelli, you are a great artist---love your Disney ones..