Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"To Draw" list

I love making lists!  I'm obsessed. It keeps me sane.  Ok... maybe it doesn't.  But I really like making them. It helps me to be motivated.  So this is my "To Draw" list for people that I want to draw from television.  
Agent Paul Ballard- Dollhouse
Topher Brink- Dollhouse
Adelle DeWitt- Dollhouse
Echo- Dollhouse
Captain Malcolm Reynolds- Firefly
 Inara Serra- Firefly
Zoe Washburne- Firefly
Wash- Firefly
Admiral Adama- Battlestar Galatica
President Laura Roslin- Battlestar Galatica
Lee "Apollo" Adama- Battlestar Galatica
Caprica 6- Battlestar Galatica
Gaius Baltar- Battlestar Galatica
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace- Battlestar Galatica
Sam Anders- Battlestar Galatica

IM SO EXCITED FOR THESE!!!!  I hope I can get them finished before summer :)

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