Friday, January 6, 2012

Operation Paint That Trunk!!

For this summer, I got a job at a camp in North Carolina.  We are required to have foot lockers, or trunks to lock our stuff up while out of our rooms.  Well, I had two old trunks that I had found at my uncle's house when he moved, but I never did anything with them.  That was like, two years ago.  When I found out that we are required to have one, I got excited and went to our shed where I had stored them, and brought one into the house to see if I could clean it up. No way. It was beyond repair, so I decided to start looking around at thrift stores while I was here, and the first time we went out to a thrift store, I found one. WOOT!!

So my little project is to paint all kinds of things on this boring old plain trunk:

 Pretty cool trunk yeah? Well, I plan on painting my favorite things on it, and this is what I have so far. It's on the right side of the trunk.

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