Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lady and the Tramp

This picture is the one that I gave my mom to hang up at her work.  Her favorite Disney movie is "Lady and the Tramp", so I think I actually drew this for Mother's Day, or her birthday... I can't actually remember. lol.  She had it hung on her wall for a long time so when she moved offices and brought the picture home, I noticed that it was super faded from the sun that came in her window.  I started thinking that I should probably redo the picture in colored pencils, instead of chalk pastels like the original.  Besides, when I did the Fox and the Hound picture it turned out pretty nice looking and I think it will be way less likely to fade. I would love to do this for her, but the issue is time. lol. Maybe college will give me time... Screw homework, right? Haha. Just kidding.

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